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incontro | 23 Aprile 2015



NextBI agree at NetComm Suisse. The first and only Swiss association of e-commerce.


Thursday – April 23 – 2015
from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (CEST)

Cinestar Cinema
Via Ciani, 100
6900 Lugano – Switzerland


Ticket Type Full Day Admission

Price CHF 1.100 – Order

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The main category of goods bought online by Swiss shoppers in 2014 is “clothing and fashion items”, with an estimated + 16.3% increase on the previous year.
52% of Swiss online shoppers made at least one fashion e-commerce purchase, investing on average 463 CHF per year, according to the Observatory NetComm Suisse.
Understanding how to market and sell fashion products online is crucial in a multichannel driven environment and during this seminar we’ll outline the best strategies on the market through: market leaders’ panel discussions, specific case studies and success stories.

Organizer NetComm Suisse, the Swiss e-Commerce Association.

NetComm Suisse is the first and only Swiss association of e-commerce, founded with the aim to promote the services and support the interests of the most important companies in the sector. NetComm Suisse contributes to the knowledge and diffusion of electronic commerce, its services and its technologies, creating initiatives aimed at consumers and operators.

Among the objectives of the association there is that of eliminating the barriers that limit the development of the sector, and implementing communication projects for the logistic and distribution, and promoting digital culture towards businesses and customers.


09.00 Check-in.
09.30 Welcome speech.
09.45 What’s hot in the fashion industry?
Facts and figures to guide your customer experience.
10.15 Round Table. Omnichannel: how is it applied in real world for fashion?
Omnichannel retailers let consumers experience the brand, not a channel within a brand. Merchandise and
promotions are not channel specific, but rather consistent across all retail channels. The brick-and-mortar
stores become an extension of the supply chain in which purchases may be made in the store, but are researched
through other “channels” of communication. With omni-channel retailing, marketing is made more efficient
with offers that are relative to a specific consumer determined by purchase patterns, social network affinities,
website visits, loyalty programs, and other data mining techniques.
11.15 Coffee break.
11.45 Users, not devices: multi-screen customer journeys.
Leading companies that develop apps, services, and storefronts need to consider how their product is used
on multiple devices and screen sizes. This includes considering how their product will adapt when a
customer moves between devices to accomplish a task. All digital managers, especially in the e-commerce
field, should be aware of that.
12.45 Networking lunch.
14.30 Unconventional social and digital marketing drives online sales.
During this panel discussion the speakers will outline how unconventional digital ideas for fashion boost
online sales. Social networks, as well, can help creating and enhancing brand engagement.
15.30 Russia: one of the fastest developing online fashion markets.
User interest in online shopping with the intent to purchase has increased by 16% in the last year in Russia. This
major growth has offset falling interests in the general fashion category. Brand leaders have also
changed over the last 12 months. Shifts in user interest in brands have impacted the dynamics of local online
retailers versus international online retailers. When it comes to regional dynamics, the Russian Central region
maintains a strong interest in online shopping but the regions are seeing a serious rise in interest in e-Commerce.
16.30 Coffee break.
17.00 Start-ups for fashion and e-commerce.
e-Commerce gives to the Fashion sector a whole new set of business opportunities. Innovation is crucial
and start-up companies can adapt more easily and faster to the changing environment: let’s see what’s new!